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Since 2002 Clean Registry:

Clean Registry

Clean Registry: Many programs store information about themselves in the Windows Registry. These programs add new file extension associations and install components of their own in the Windows Registry.

Far too often, the unistallation methods used by these programs fail to remove their information from the Windows registry adding unnecessary bloat.

After several series of installation/uninstallation, the Windows registry becomes bigger and bigger; computer power declines and program access times increase. The Clean Registry tool serves for periodic cleaning of the Windows Registry and for correcting incorrect registry records.

Before beginning of the work you need to choose the methods for scanning of the Windows Registry from list below "Choice of the methods for scanning". Then you can start scanning Windows Registry by pressing the "Start" button. Then you can delete unused Windows Registry keys by pressing the "Remove" button.

The Clean Registry tool contains six tool-tabs: Scan Settings, Applications, Uninstall Menu, Searcher, Backups, Options.

Clean Registry: Scan Setting - the main window of the Clean Registry tool. Contains a list of algorithms for scanning Windows Registry:

  • Broken Volume References - Search and check volume references of Windows Registry
  • Broken Data References - Search and check data references of Windows Registry
  • Invalid CurVer Information - Search and check CurVer keys of Windows Registry
  • Invalid TypeLib Information - Search and check TypeLib keys of Windows Registry
  • Invalid ProgID Information - Search and check ProgID keys of Windows Registry
  • Invalid CLSID Information - Search and check CLSID keys of Windows Registry
  • Software Empty Keys - Search and remove software empty keys of Windows Registry
  • Extensions Errors - Search and check broken extensions
  • Bad Fonts References - Search and check broken font links
  • Invalid Add/Remove Links - Search broken Add/Remove links of Windows Registry
  • Scan HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT - Scanning of HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT of Windows Registry

Clean Registry: Software Entries - the Software Entries tab box keeps a list of the records in the Windows Registry. These records are created after the programs have been used. After uninstallation of the programs you need to check the list of the records. Records of uninstalled program remaining in this list indicate that the program was not completely uninstalled. You can delete these records from the Windows Registry using the "Remove" button of Clean Registry tool.

Clean Registry: Uninstall Menu - using this menu of Clean Registry tool you can uninstall the chosen program or delete the record about the program from the Windows Registry.

Clean Registry: Searcher - this sub-tool of Clean Registry gives you possibility to search any keyword in the Windows registry.

Clean Registry: Backups - this tool of Clean Registry gives you possibility to back up Windows Registry or restore changes of Windows Registry after registry keys deleting.

Clean Registry: Options - a lot of additional options which configure Clean Registry tool.

System requirements of Clean Registry:
  • OS: MS Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7/VISTA/Me/2000/XP x86 x64
  • Minimum screen resolution 1024x768
  • CPU: Pentium processor and above
  • RAM: 128 Mb RAM
  • HDD: 5 Mb free disk space
  • Download size: 1.4M

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Copyright (c) 2002-2024 Godlike Developers - Software Engineering Group, Ltd. All rights reserved.